Portrait 2

I’ve loved to make art and draw from the very start of my life. I was fortunate to have studied the arts at Mount Mary University¬†in Milwaukee and continue to live my life dream. I have a compelling need to communicate important observations of life – whether it is a deeply felt expression I myself am consumed by, or if it’s something shared with others that I can give form to on behalf of a communal spirit.

Bright color, dynamic composition and intricate design are all modes of me.

As RP gradually envelops my visual field, my art-passion takes deeper root.

I initially capture my ideas either by painting them or shooting photos. With means of technology, my designs shape their own spirit. This reflects my life-adaptation to vision loss — discovering newer perceptions of my worldly environment deepens my inner-passion and desire to create. Loss of vision need not dampen the creative life-force. Vision loss is a creative modifier in the art process. At least the way I see it.